1948 our farm has born from the splitting among three brothers. Grandfather Pietro started cultivating grape vines and to breed “razza Piemontese” cattles. He passed this way his love and passion for the land to his children Giuseppe and Lucia. Once Pietro got old, Giuseppe continues his work together with his sun Piero and later with Gianmario as well. 1997 Piero, helped by his wife Oriana, opens officially the winery.
Our Winery is on the green hills of a town named San Damiano d’Asti, on the border between Asti, Roero and Alba area, where agricultural production is various and of high quality.
The vineyards are located on these marvelous hills in Monferrato area, ultimate home of Barbera vines, in excellent position and exposure to the sun. In the fertile valleys there are fields where we grow grains, which are milled into flour, and hazelnut trees.
After opening the winery we started looking for new modern working techniques and to restore vineyards.
The art of working the land, especially vineyards, has been passed down from parent to child over many generations, till nowadays. To these techniques, that involve a bigger waste of energy and efforts, have been added in the past years modern vinification and bottling techniques, in order to have always a better quality productions. The result is a genuine and quality product, to be better appreciated by our customers’ side.
A very important part of our work is using as much as we can mechanical working techniques of vines, rather than chemical ones, in order to obtain a high quality product by respecting environment and health.